Project Quality Management Services


Project Quality Management Services

Emhedplus Ltd. can provide a complete team of highly qualified Engineers to manage an entire project from concept development through project-ready status. We lay emphasis on the recruitment of qualified local personnel considering the Nigerian Content Development Monitoring Board (NCDMB) rules and regulations. We only consider expatriates where there are no Nigerians for such positions. Furthermore, we ensure client’s satisfaction any time we manage and render engineering support services to client’s projects and always achieve all of the project goals and objectives. Process and activities of planning, organizing, motivating, controlling resources, procedures and protocols etc are all put in place by Emhedplus Ltd to achieve the specific project goals. 

We specialize in Manpower Placement and Support which cuts across the oil and gas industry value chain, through exploration, asset development-drilling and reservoir management, production, including the development of production facilities, refining, Associated Gas Solutions, Gas Handling Facilities etc. We are able to supply multi-discipline project teams cutting across all these areas depending on the phase of client projects. We guarantee rapid turnaround time, from initial identification of Client's specific search need, to actual placement of contractors on the work site. 

Beyond hiring and placement of personnel, we provide cost effective support services such as accommodation and hoteling, Immigration and Consular services, Travel and Ticketing, Transport and Meet and Greet Services, Medical Registration and Evacuation, Administrative and other forms of logistic support which helps to optimize the overall cost of personnel to client projects, helping them to maintain the critical resourcing balance on projects at the very best prices. Our scope of services for Project Support and Management includes the following: 

  • • Recruitment, covering manpower search and placement services 
  • • Payroll Management, covering timesheet handling, processing, transfers to personnel accounts, tax administration 
  • • Provision of Accommodation for personnel
  • • Transportation 
  • • “Meet and Greet” Services
  • • Procurement of work permits and visas 
  • • Facilitation of local and international travel 
  • • Medical Testing, In-country treatment and Medical Evacuation
  • • Background checking and verification of personnel details, etc. 
  • • Database Management