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Our GPRS water meter features:

1. Its installation process is simple, no wiring required.

2. Its signal transmission is stable and is not affected by the communication distance.

3. Its battery life is long, it is in sleep state when it is normal, only reaches the online time of 30S.

4. Its installation and debugging is simple.

5. It can realize data docking and send the reading and control functions of the water meter to the customer platform.

 We have: Good after-sales service Competitive price,

High product quality Excellent supply capacity,

Fast delivery and Support agent.

Obtain products or solutions that meet engineering needs Rich engineering experience.

Longtime Business relationship.




Customers strong


Passionate team members


Plaid cardigans



Interface Design

Dream comes packed with flexible content blocks and Microweber CMS & Website Builder - this makes building your perfect layout easier than ever before.

User Interaction

Combine multiple purpose-built elements to craft your perfect, conversion focussed landing page - and do it all in the comfort of your browser.

Internet Of Things

Clever social integrations such as Mail Chimp, Compaign Monitor and styled Twitter feeds give your site a dynamic edge.

Product Design

Flexible data attribute modifiers make customising elements fast and easy. Add overlays, scrims and adjust plugin parameters all from the HTML.



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