Why You Need Water Meter

Water meters are the fairest way to pay, as you only pay for the water you actually use, giving you control over your bills.

How Water Meters Work?

Where there is no water meter, water companies calculate water bills based on the rateable value of a property, so the larger the property, the higher the bill will be.


However this is not very exact since it does not take into account how many people actually live in the property-so if there is only one adult living in a four-bed house, clearly that person is likely to be paying too much for their water usage. Once a meter has been fitted, meter readings are taken (typically every three months) and the water company then issues a bill on the basis of water usage over that period.


Water is a valuable commodity; with global warming it appears to be even more scarce. Meters are based on what you use, just like gas and electricity. People with meters tend to use 15% less water on average, which will help to conserve this precious resource.

What we at Emhedplus are doing to save water?

Installing water meters is at the heart of our plan to reduce demand. But we’re also:

Reducing leakage: A meter will indicate if there is a leak on your supply pipe, as water will flow continuously through the meter. We will carry out repair works if contacted.

Helping customers use water wisely              

Providing back-up supplies: Our treatment plants treats water during very dry weather.


I'd like a meter

If you're a domestic customer we can install a meter at your home for free. You can request a water meter online by calling or visiting on us at www.emhedplus.com.


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